Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I've decided to title this post "Five Months of Crowther Craziness in one rather long post" start at the bottom and work your way up.

Derek loved the fishing trip so much…he went back out.
This time for a NIGHT TRIP
Coolest lighthouse ever
and more fish!
Heather with some friends ran her first 5K

"Color me Rad" they throw neon corn starch at you as you run...
Clearly, the girls enjoyed this WAY TOO MUCH (and were pink for days later)

Derek and Grayson chartered a fishing boat off the Connecticut coast
Almost too heavy to lift...
Such a beautiful trip
Grandpa and Grandma Crowther joined us for a not to be forgotten trip to our
nation's capital.  This was such a terrific trip!
Valley Forge, PA (above)
Lincoln Memorial
Washington Monument
White House
Smithsonian Institution
Sunstone from the Nauvoo Temple
Arlington National Cemetery
The National ZOO
Mount Vernon
Lindsey turned 7 and got way too many presents
Including her own pink bean bag chair

 Easter morning came to our house, as I'm sure it did to yours.
 For some reason we felt the need to color our colored eggs!
 And MADE beautiful matching easter dresses!
 The kids had their closing Banquet for swim team...
 And man can they dance!! Who knew?

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Jennifer said...

I came,I saw, I miss you! Looks like an awesome 5 months!